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We are committed to representing your best interests throughout your real estate journey. If you’re buying or selling real estate in Lawrence Kansas, believe when we say we will do our best to find the best real estate deal for you. This includes:

  • Being available to you throughout the day. This means when you have a question or need clarity, we will be there to respond immediately or as soon as possible. 
  • Consistent focus on your needs. We will put your needs first. We will always perform what we know are the best practices in real estate buying and selling for your specific situation. 
  • Real estate agents with the right kind of enthusiasm and expertise. We believe that a positive attitude tends to give us the best chance for positive results. Not only will be bring the right attitude to any situation, we will also back it up with the knowledge that gets the job done. 

We are here for you. We are dedicated to being the best real estate agent in Lawrence Kansas for you. Finding the perfect real estate sales solution is a task we take seriously, and we are excited to earn a chance to prove this to you. 

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What is the Process of Buying a Home?

During our first real estate buying consultation, you can expect the following questions: 

  1. What do you expect from the agent you choose to work with? 
  2. What are the top three services I could provide that would add value when working with you? 
  3. How frequently and by what method do you want me to communicate with you? 
  4. If you’ve work with other agents in the past, what did you like best about them, and what did you like the least? 

We recognize that every client as their own sets of needs with real estate agents, and we will make every effort possible to meet those needs to the best of our ability. We like to be as specific as possible in order to provide the best experience possible. 

How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent to Sell My House

We have helped many families throughout the years. Our clients have found our professional services exceptional. We are committed to creating a great experience, and we work extra hard at matching you with the right real estate property. 

  1. Ask what is the real estate agent good at.  Every real estate agent has their own sets of skills. Find out how the agent positions themselves and what skills they offer, and see how that aligns with your needs. 
  2. What makes the real estate agent unique? Identify the specific strategies, services, tactics, and knowledge of the marketplace that allow the agent to stand out from the rest.
  3. Identify the agent’s availability. The agent needs to available to you when you need them. If you notice a new property that you want more information on, then being able to contact the real estate agent at times that are convenient for you is very important. 
  4. Ask the agent about their knowledge of the area. Working with a real estate agent who has a strong knowledge of the area will give you an advantage in many different ways. You’ll want someone who understand market trends of the local area.

We believe that you’ll be impressed with our availability to you. Whether it’s finding the right property, or staying vigilant as new properties come on the market, we will absolutely be consistently available to get the property you want in the timeframe you’re looking for. Our goal is always to provide you with such great real estate services, that you’ll recommend us to your friends and families. 

Working with us in the Lawrence Kansas real estate market, you can expect to experience enthusiasm, conviction, and confidence. Whether you’re looking for a place on campus, up north near the hospital, perhaps in the eastern area, southern area, or in western Lawrence, you experience a strong focus and knowledge of the Lawrence market. When evaluating the properties, we make absolutely sure to do extra work when working with buyers and sellers. 

Learn About Lawrence Kansas

We understand the Lawrence Kansas real estate area quite well. Additionally, we are constantly training ourselves and improving knowledge. There are many housing figures to consider, the following are from 2017.

  • The current population is about 97,000
  • The estimated median income is about $49,000 per household
  • The estimated median house or condo value about $204,000
  • There are over 11,000 mortgages for houses in Lawrence. There are about 6,000 homes with no mortgage.

We strongly believe the ongoing marketplace education is a vital part of the home buying experience. In order to be effective at finding the best deal at the right price involved learning as much relevant information as possible. We strive for this by reading research papers, books, and talking with experts in the field. 

We would highly recommend Joe Stephenson. When we purchased our home in Stonebridge Trails November 2014 he was with us every step of the way, Always getting back to us in a timely manner which really eased the purchasing process for us. He is friendly, professional and really cares about his Clients. Than you Joe for helping us to seamlessly buy our new home!
Dawn & Lee Stutzman
My wife and I were finally preapproved to purchase a home. We worked so long and hard to get in a position where we could finally get there, so we weren't going to just choose the first realtor who put their foot in the door. We spoke with many real estate agents, and, after a lot of consideration, decide to meet with Joe. Joe was everything we could have asked for when dealing with such a life changing decision. He was able to answer any and all questions we had, and he replied to any text or phone call we had immediately. He was so good, in fact, that we had anticipated a long and arduous search for our home. n nWe found the one we wanted the first day of looking. We were so surprised and nervous about it all, but Joe's personable demeanor kept us at ease and he helped us through the process. n nWe were ready to close on the house and I was furloughed. It was a devastating blow to our family, to say the least. With all that, Joe continued to help us with backing out of the deal, and we continue to be in contact. He is wonderful at what he does and, as far as that side of things goes, we couldn't have asked for anyone better.
Jon & Maggie