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Find Kansas City Real Estate Investors

KANSAS CITY REAL ESTATE / INVESTING Find Kansas City Real Estate Investors (With Me, Joe Stephenson) Welcome to the heart of the Midwest, where the Kansas City Metro Area buzzes with real estate investment opportunities that are just waiting to be uncovered. Sign up below to stay up to date with my contacts of real […]

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Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet

REAL ESTATE AGENT / SPREADSHEETS Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet and Calculator Category Details Property Details Enter Address, Type of Property, Year Built, Square Footage, Number of Units. Purchase Information List Purchase Price, Down Payment, Closing Costs, Renovation Costs. Calculate Total Investment. Example: Total Investment = Purchase Price + Down Payment + Closing Costs + Renovation […]

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Email Real Estate Drip Campaign Templates

Email Real Estate Drip Campaign Templates Welcome to my comprehensive guide on how to craft the best drip campaigns for the real estate sector. With a focus on enhancing your sales pipeline through engaging content marketing, this page will walk you through creating effective email sequences tailored for first-time buyers, home sellers, and those keen […]

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Sign in sheet for open house

Free Sign in sheet for an Open House The Power of a printable Sign-In Sheet: A Must-Have for Open Houses Upgrade the full potential of your real estate lead generation with our free sign in sheet for open house events. This basic open house sign and sheet templates are designed to collect detailed information from […]

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Real Estate Agent Onboarding Checklist

REAL ESTATE AGENT / TEMPLATES Free Real Estate Agent Onboarding Checklist and Generator (Download a PDF, Excel, CSV) Welcome to my comprehensive guide designed to streamline your real estate agent onboarding process. My checklist ensures that every new hire is equipped with the necessary tools, knowledge, and support to start on the right foot, fostering […]

Real Estate Agent Software

REAL ESTATE AGENT / DEFINITIONS What is Real Estate Agent Software? Definition Real estate agent software encompasses a broad range of digital tools designed to assist real estate professionals in managing their business operations more efficiently and effectively. By: Joe Stephenson REALTOR® Table of Contents Definition Types of Real Estate Management Software Commercial Real Estate […]

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Online Calculator for Real Estate Commissions

Table of Contents Introduction Examples of a Real Estate Agent Commission Split Real Estate Commission FAQs Find the Average Commission Rate by State How to Save on a Real Estate Commission Real Estate Agents are Worth It Real Estate Commission Calculator Sale Price ($): Commission Rate (%): Commission Split Type: Standard Split (50/50)Custom SplitNo Split […]

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REAL ESTATE AGENT / DEFINITIONS What are Real Estate Encumbrances? Definition An encumbrance is a liability, claim, or charge on real estate. It is a responsibility, obligation, or debt associated with the real estate. Although a liability doesn’t necessarily obstruct the title’s transfer to another individual, it could potentially devalue the property or impose limitations […]